Who Is Kareem Samhouri of Full Throttle Fat Loss

by admin on August 13, 2011

Who Is Kareem Samhouri of Full Throttle Fat Loss?

If you have not heard of Kareem Samhouri of Full Throttle Fat Loss, he is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kinesologist, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Health &Kareem Samhouri Full Throttle fat loss Who Is Kareem Samhouri of Full Throttle Fat Loss Fitness Specialist.  Unlike other program authors, he is not just a personal trainer, he has professional schooling and training to teach others how to lose weight.

Dr Kareem Samhouri, also known as “Dr. K” has years of experience in helping thousands of people with weight loss. He also specializes in the nervous system and how it affects your fat busting efforts.  Other fat loss programs he has created are Double Edged Fat Loss, Weight Loss Cardio, Abs Strength Guide and many others.

When the other fitness gurus need a fat loss expert they always seek the advice of Dr. K.  Joel Marion, Vince Delmonte, John Romaniello and Adam Steer have all included him in their programs as a guest expert.

Typically Kareem Samhouris’s programs include a wide variety of exercise methods and workouts.  Most of the times he has detailed videos which show how these exercises are done. One of his programs  has more than 600 exercise videos. This is the kind of content that you can expect from Dr. Kareem.

I don’t have the exact details of what you will learn in Full Throttle Fat Loss but from his past programs there will be much to desire.  From what I hear it will contain an array of advanced fat loss techniques by incorporating various fat burning workouts and diets.  As always, all his techniques are backed by science and also have been tested by his clients.  Make sure to stay tuned to the Full Throttle Fat Loss review.

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